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  Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Hi everyone!

As this is my 1st post, I thank you for taking it into account, especially if the answer has already been published.

Here is my goal:
Starting from a long list of countries (l_country), I want to allow semi-automatic input (returns values from a drop-down list starting with the first letters written) while allowing the selection of several values (which will follow each other by a ",").

At the moment, I'm inspired by a VBA code that allows me the multiple selection (and that works very well).
On the other hand, for a single choice drop-down list only, I know how to use the functions OFFSET, MATCH, COUNTA, COUNTIF which allow me the semi-automatic input (using Data validation)..

My question is : how to combine these two queries ? in order to be able to make multi selection using semi automatic data entry. I exclude the possibility of User forms (the list of countries is much too long to check).

I hope to find on this forum some people who may already have the answer, or at least the knowledge to bring a solution.
(I can forward my VBA script if necessary).

Thanks in advance to all of you.

2 years ago
Hi David,

To make things easier, could you please attach the file with thoese formulas already applied that you mentioned?
And please forward the VBA code that allows you the multiple selection (and that works very well) here.

And Kutools for Excel has a feature helps you create a searchable (semi-automatic input) drop-down list with ease, please check the article here:
(If you are a Kutools for Excel subscriber, you can use the function directly. If not, it allows you to download and use for free for 30 days with no limit :))

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