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  Thursday, 08 March 2018
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Hello all. Here is my problem I have 5 worksheets ( Wk1, Wk2, Wk3 Wk4 and Month) I would like to
enter data on the weekly sheets as needed and put the totals into monthly cols in month ( Jan-Dec)
my issue is when I clear the contents on wk1-wk4 it also clears the data I have moved in Month. I would
like to keep the Month data intact when I clear wk1-wk4 . How can I do this? I am new to this so I would rather not
have it get too over my head I thought this was a simple way to track my expenses on a monthly basis but it is turning
into a bit of a night mare I am also using MS office 2003 (Excel) any help would appreciated Thank You

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